The Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s Eye View

It’s now easier than ever for photographers to capture a bird’s eye perspective on the world using aerial technology. Drone photos and videos add a dynamic dimension to your social media marketing and digitial content; they work great as Facebook ads, as website banners and in Google display advertising.

It’s incredible to think that five years ago you’d need to rent a helicopter, a pilot and a photographer to get the same results you can get from today’s consumer drones. Seeing the world from a bird’s eye view has opened up a whole new realm of creative possibilities for film makers, photographers and of course businesses.

A new genre of landscape photography has emerged over the past few years, which requires the additional skills of a pilot to master. The invention of the drone has led to an explosion in aerial photography. However, to fly a drone you don’t just need to have a good eye for a great image, you need to comply with legal requirements, develop your flying skills and adhere to safety precautions. As well as covering these areas, you also need to master planning, composition, lighting, focus and exposure.

Oblique Photography

is taken from the side of the aircraft at an angle to the subject rather than from directly overhead. SkyCrew Pictures has specialized in oblique aerial photography for many years. We know what questions to ask you in order to be sure we capture images that show exactly what you want to see.

Vertical Photography

is taken from directly above the subject, looking straight down.

Let SkyCrew Pictures help tell your story! We can add customized computer graphics such as boundary lines, street names, highway symbols, and retail logos to any image. We can produce prints for you or we can send you a digital copy so that you can e-mail them, put them on a web site, and make your own prints right in your office or at home.

Get the complete picture of your site with a combination of vertical and oblique views!

Please call 202-957-9500 e-mail for a custom quote.

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